Thanks to the incredible power of Java's write-once, run-anywhere Technology, the applet below is compatible with all browsers containing JRE 1.1.x and higher. If it doesn't work, just open the Java console for an informative error message and stack backtrace.

There are probably a lot of little details you need to know to keep this program running. The only one I've found so far is that you can only start Mindterm once per Internet Explorer session. If you close all the Mindterm windows, your Mindterm Experience is over. To start Mindterm again, you'll have to close Internet Explorer, re-open Internet Explorer, and then come back to this page.

I've left the gray applet bar on the page even though Mindterm starts in a separate window because sometimes you can get some minimal diagonstic about the applet in the browser's status bar when you mouse-over the gray applet bar. The gray bar doesn't do anything else.

The fine Java applet above is IS Networks MindTerm. It comes with source code because of the GPL, so it is also okay to distribute it for commercial use.

IS Networks has prepared a signed applet for Netscape and a ``.CAB file'' for Internet Explorer, but I don't use these. Others will argue that only the signed versions can store the more secure RSA keys and maintain a ``known_hosts'' file to prevent man-in-the-middle attacks, so I should use those versions. I disagree, because this page is meant for use from kiosks and Internet cafes. ``known_hosts'' is useless in such cases because you probably don't end up with the same machine from one session to the next. Besides, ``known_hosts'' is dumb anyway. What's more, the stateful feechers that the signed applet adds turn into liabilities because they leave traces of your activities behind, such as your RSA secret key, the list of hosts you've logged into, and the username you used with each host stored in the ``host profile'' or whatever.

You can only connect to sakima, because the applet isn't signed. enjoy!

He must have a specially-fitted uniform.
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